What is the super soft fleece called?

What is the super soft fleece called? - Dakini
Umair Nazaqat
Umair Nazaqat

Feeling cozy inside luxuriously soft fleece fabrics is sheer bliss, yet with so many varieties out there, it can be hard to select one as the softest champion of comfort. What is the super soft fleece called? - Dakini will show you all that can compete to become "super soft". We will guide you through this cozy fabric's world and present some top contenders to become the "softest of them all".

Understanding Fleece Foundation

Before understanding specific types, let's get familiar with its basic design: the fleece foundation is comprised of two elements - its pile (or nap) and knit face - both contributing to its soft, warm qualities and affordability. Polyester fleeces tend to be popular due to their durability, wrinkle resistance and affordability - however, Dakini knows adventurers may crave natural breathability so our premium fleece blends often include cotton or spandex fibres too! 

Softness Showdown: Top Fleece Competitors

Let's now meet two main contenders in the super soft fleece arena: 

Sherpa Fleece: The Huggable Champion 

Imagine wrapping yourself up in clouds as you experience Sherpa fleece's luxurious fabric boasts a deep pile and fluffy texture similar to sheepskin; its matchless softness and incredible warmth make it the ideal material for throws, winter accessories or jacket linings - though keep in mind its tendency toward pilling with frequent wear.

Microfleece: Breathable Lightweight 

At the other end of the spectrum lies microfleece: an exceptionally lightweight fabric featuring double-sided napping for ultimate softness on either side. Breathability makes microfleece ideal for active pursuits such as layering during outdoor sports. While not quite as warm as Sherpa fleece, its superior comfort and versatility cannot be denied.

Fleece Innovation Doesn't Stop with Champions

Fleece innovation doesn't end here! Cuddle fleece (also referred to as Minky) stands out as another contender with its velvety soft feel and plush texture - something one person might find perfect while another might disagree! Softness perception can vary widely; what one considers heaven might not feel the same to another individual! It all depends on personal preferences!

Finding Your Fleece Match: Softness and Beyond

Finding your ideal fleece doesn't just involve choosing one based on its softness alone - consider its intended use too: sherpa fleece may make an ideal throw for movie nights while microfleece might provide better breathable base layer support during hiking adventures. Dakini provides numerous fleece choices like our popular Women's Heather Fleece Vest made of our custom Dakini blend that prioritizes both comfort and style.

No matter which fleece you opt for, be sure to follow proper care instructions to preserve its soft texture and keep the wool yarns at their soft best. Gentle washing in cold water using minimal detergent usually proves effective.

The Bottom Line

Now that your knowledge about various fleece types and their softness potential has expanded, check out different types of fleece to find your champion! Dakini provides premium options designed to combine comfort, style, and function for optimal softness - Start Your Journey for Super Soft Fleece today!
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