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Lasting warmth!

Heather Fleece V-neck Sweater - Dakini
Original Dakini Fleece Jacket - Dakini
Italian Fleece Rollneck - Dakini
Cropped roll neck fleece sweater - Dakini

I love my Dakini

What our customers say....

  • I love this so much!

    I have every color and I cannot wait till Dakini makes more fleece hoodies. These are the most versatile, comfortable, durable, where anywhere pieces of clothing. The fleece is very high quality. Perfect fleece hoodie for summer evenings, fall walks, winter snuggles and spring days. LOVE!

  • Yes please!

    This might be my favorite Dakini top ever - and that's saying something! I love the tailoring along the side seams and the drop tail hem; it's really comfortable and looks terrific.

  • Where have you been all my life?

    I love these leggings. I’ve scarcely taken them off since I got them several days ago. Simple design with excellent comfort and a chic look.

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