About Dakini Clothing



Dakini has been crafting high-quality, comfortable gear for the urban outdoor enthusiast since 1993.

We ignore fads. We focus on reflecting your authentic inner awesomeness. 

Dakini is what you reach for when you’re at your best, living your life and exploring your world.

That’s who we are.

Our Story

Founded in 1993, Dakini is still privately owned and operated out of my native state (okay, Commonwealth) of Massachusetts. Our clothing is sold worldwide.

That’s the boring corporate stuff. Let me tell you about some things we think are really important.

  • I loved the word Dakini from the moment I encountered it. The Dakini are spirits or messengers—and the first thing we heard was that when you see the Dakini, you are said to be a “holder of the crazy wisdom.” That made perfect sense to me when I was 25 years old. (Actually, it still does.)
  • My incredible team makes clothes that are a lasting investment. They look great and fit great for a long, long time, through many adventures.
  • We essentially created our own category of clothing, because we couldn’t find the stuff we wanted to wear ourselves. We wanted to ski and run and hike and live, and then walk into a cafe and not look like we were either training for the Olympics or raised by wolves.
  • Our favorite thing is when we hear people call their jacket, or dress or pullover or whatever, “my Dakini”. We hear that a lot. It’s fantastic.
  • We aren’t blowing smoke: We really do think you’re awesome. Our customers treat us great, and we try to do the same for them. We think our customer service absolutely should be as exceptional as our clothes are. How’s that for crazy wisdom?!
  • In fact, it’s not that crazy. We have a blast with customer service, because we have a blast with everything Dakini. We may have launched in 1993 but we feel like we're just getting started.