Why is it called outerwear?

Why is it called outerwear? - Dakini
Umair Nazaqat
Umair Nazaqat

Have you ever considered why clothes worn on our outer layers are called "outerwear"? While its definition seems obvious, Why is it called outerwear? - It holds more layers of meaning when considering its function and purpose than we might initially realize. At Dakini we not only design extraordinary outerwear products but we appreciate learning the fascinating stories behind its terminology too! 

Outerwear as Protection From the Elements

At its core, outerwear serves to shield us from harsh environmental elements - whether that means heat from sunlight, chill winds or torrential rainfall - by acting as a physical shield between ourselves and their effects on us - providing much-needed comfort from discomfort as well as potential harm from harsh climate conditions.

Imagine wrapping yourself in the cozy warmth of a fleece jacket on an autumn morning or donning waterproof protective gear during an unexpected downpour; outerwear allows us to venture outdoors and appreciate nature no matter the season. At Dakini we recognize this vital role played by outerwear; the Women's Dakini Stretch Fleece Jacket from us perfectly illustrates it: made from luxurious organic cotton and Lenzing Modal fabric blend, its premium warmth and breathability make it the ideal companion for autumn adventures!

Outerwear Has Evolved Over Time

Although protection remains at the core of outerwear's purpose, its significance has evolved far beyond functionality alone. Today it can serve as both a fashion statement and an extension of personal expression; from the timeless elegance of the trench coat to the sporty chic of bomber jacket; outerwear offers plenty of opportunities for expression.

Dakini recognizes this trend. We believe outerwear shouldn't only protect us from the elements; rather it should make us feel confident and stylish too! That is why our thoughtfully crafted pieces - like the Women's Dakini Stretch Fleece Jacket - were carefully created with both comfort and style in mind; its classic cut and versatile colour options enable easy integration into any wardrobe for a bold yet comfortable statement wherever life may lead you!

The Importance of Selecting Outerwear

Finding a fitting piece can seem like a daunting task; at Dakini, we prioritize style and functionality equally when selecting outerwear pieces for you! When making this important choice, keep these key factors in mind when making a selection:

  • Consider Your Environment: Understand what kind of climate conditions you will encounter on an everyday basis - do you require a lightweight jacket for spring evenings, or heavy-duty parka for harsh winter conditions?
  • Activity Level: Are You Shopping for Everyday Wear or Outdoor Adventures? Those inactive may benefit more from outerwear with features like breathability and water resistance suited for active individuals.
  • Personal Style: Don't neglect expressing yourself! Choose outerwear that complements your existing wardrobe while reflecting your sense of style.

Dakini Is Your One Stop Shop for Outstanding Outwear

At Dakini, our passion lies in crafting high-quality outerwear to empower you to embrace nature with style. Our diverse collection provides pieces tailored specifically for you; find out which piece would enhance your wardrobe while safeguarding you from harsh elements while remaining true to your distinct sense of style!

So the next time you put on your favourite jacket, remember it is more than simply outerwear - it serves as a shield, style statement and companion in endless adventures! Let Dakini become part of your journey while providing comfortable yet fashionable layers throughout life's adventures!

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