Are there different types of fleece?

Are there different types of fleece? - Dakini
Umair Nazaqat
Umair Nazaqat

Fleece. The very name conjures images of wrapping yourself up warm in a blanket while sitting on the couch or layering up for cold days with a soft sweatshirt made out of it. But, Are there different types of fleece?

Dakini prides itself on offering comfortable yet high-quality clothing that our customers will truly love. Many of our pieces, like our popular Women's Organic Cotton Cap Sleeve Summer Tee, utilise various fabric blends to meet this goal and strike a balance between style and comfort. Today we will discuss the fleece fashion - its various types available as well as how best to choose one to meet your specific needs.

Fleece Fabric Types 

Fleece is an extremely soft fabric featuring a raised nap or fuzzy surface on either one or both sides that gives it its signature cozy feeling and warmth. Fleece can be constructed out of either natural cotton fibres, such as Pima cotton, or synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic; which material you choose as well as how your nap is constructed have significant bearing on how its properties manifest themselves in final form fabric.

The Fleece Universe: A Guide to Different Types

Now that we are acquainted with Fleece's extended family, let's introduce its members!

Cotton Fleece

Cotton fleece has become an incredibly versatile fabric for classic sweatshirts and sweatpants due to its ultra-soft outer face and plush inner nap, offering the ideal combination of comfort and breathability for activewear wearers. Cotton's smooth outer surface wicks sweat away quickly from its target body location for superior sweat-wicking properties.

Polyester Fleece

With its affordability and long-term wearability, polyester fleece has quickly become one of the go-to choices for affordability and durability. While similar in construction to cotton fleece, its breathability sometimes falls short; nonetheless, polyester fleece's wrinkle-resistance and easy-care features make it suitable for daily wear - an attractive feature in everyday apparel!


Microfleece reigns as lightweight fleece's lightweight champion, known for its thinness and softness. While other fleece fabrics often possess distinct nap textures on each side, microfleece features smooth surfaces that wick away moisture quickly to become ideal for activewear base layers or athleisure clothing.

Polar Fleece

For serious warmth, look no further than Polar Fleece! This thick and cozy fabric features double-sided napping that effectively traps heat for ultimate warmth and comfort, making polar fleece an excellent choice for winter jackets, blankets and any other items needing maximum insulation and thermal regulation.

Beyond the Basics: Other Fleece Varieties

Fleece ranges beyond these core varieties. Here are a few interesting variations you might come across: 

  • Lycra Spandex Fleece: This form incorporates spandex for extra stretch, making it great for activewear that needs to move with you.
  • Slub Fleece: Slub fleece clothing has an appealing textured aesthetic due to the use of yarns of different thicknesses woven together, creating visual interest with each stitch and adding visual interest for clothing items such as jackets.
  • Sherpa Fleece: Luxuriously soft and fluffy, Sherpa fleece mimics the feel of sheepskin for cozy blankets, throws, and winter accessories. It is often chosen as the material.
  • French Terry: French terry fabric features an outer face made of smooth material and an interior fleece nap for warmth and comfort next to the skin. Common uses for French Terry include the use inside of hoodies or sweatshirts as an inner fabric layer providing warmth and coziness next to the skin.

Select Your Fleece Match for Maximum Results

With so many fleece options on the market, how do you select an appropriate garment? Consider these factors when making your decision: 

  • Weight: Do you require something lightweight and breathable or something heavier and warmer? 
  • Warmth: What level of warmth would satisfy you best from a garment?
  • Breathability: What should your priority when considering breathability for sweat wicking be, or is warmth the top priority for this fleece product?
  • Desired Use: Where will this fleece be worn: activewear, loungewear or everyday use?

By considering these elements and investigating various fleece types, you can ensure you select a fleece that best meets your requirements.

Fleece Has So Much To Offer

Fleece no longer just means comfortable sweatshirts; it encompasses an expansive family of fabrics with various properties and uses. At Dakini, we understand the significance of comfort and quality when selecting fabrics like fleece. From cotton fleece tees to luxuriously warm polar fleece jackets - there is Womens Clothing for every preference and requirement! So next time you reach for some fleece clothing or products - remember all its possibilities await exploration!
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