How To Wear Converse High Tops Womens?

How To Wear Converse High Tops Womens? - Dakini
Umair Nazaqat
Umair Nazaqat

Converse high tops have long been an icon in fashion; transcending trends while remaining timeless fashion staples for women everywhere. But, How to wear converse high tops womens? - Dakini can help guide your approach to wearing them in ways that feel fresh and express who you are!

Amp Up Your Casual Cool

Converse and jeans make the ultimate fashion team! Their iconic pairing offers limitless possibilities; for an easy weekend ensemble pair your high tops with boyfriend cut jeans and an eye-catching graphic T-shirt; then peek it out from underneath an eye-catching Dakini Merino Wool 1/4-Zip Base Layer Top of any hue for extra personality! It is great for running errands, gathering with friends for brunch, or exploring your city!

Add Some Edge 

Converse high tops add an unexpected yet distinctive element to any ensemble, whether paired with a feminine dress, midi skirt, or flowy top. To achieve an eye-catching combination between casual and feminine elements, select either a fitted top that tucks into your skirt to define its waistline; don't forget accessorizing with statement necklaces and earrings to finish it off perfectly!

Monochrome Magic

Converse are an indispensable addition to any wardrobe; their versatile styling options provide endless styling opportunities and instantly enhance any ensemble. Create an effortlessly chic monochrome look by pairing your Converse with black skinny jeans and an ivory Dakini Women's Top. Add some pop of color with an eye-catching bag or scarf; this outfit makes an elegant impression at work, on dates out or casual lunch dates alike!

Play with Proportions

Converse high tops can be very flattering when worn correctly, especially if styled correctly. To create an elongated silhouette without longening your legs too much, pair your Converse with cropped or cuffed pants; these will highlight their design while creating an ideal proportion and creating balance in your silhouette. Or try wide-leg trousers which graze over their top for a relaxed yet chic summertime look!

Express Yourself with Color

Don't be shy when it comes to showing your individuality with colorful Converse! A vibrant pair of high tops can instantly enhance a simple outfit; pair your colorful converses with neutral-colored pieces such as white sundress or black jumpsuit and let the shoes take center stage - or use your Converse to pick up on one or more colors within your ensemble, creating an appealing and cohesive style!

Comfort Meets Style

One of the many great aspects of Converse high tops is how comfortable they are - no matter if it's running an endless round of errands or exploring an unfamiliar city! Dakini provides stylish and comfortable women’s tops which perfectly compliment Converse high tops!

The Bottom Line

Converse high tops are versatile footwear options that can easily transform to reflect any look imaginable - they even pair nicely with casual wear! Don't hesitate to experiment and have some fun while creating unique looks with your Converse!

Visit Dakini today and check out our collection of stylish and comfortable women's tops to find the perfect pieces to pair with your Converse high tops!

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