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Katlyn Schultz

Photography is so important for a company like Dakini. People need to be able to see colors, textures, and cuts, but we also want to show how your clothes will live. A Dakini photo shoot is often a very long day with a lot of shots taken (and re-taken) to make sure we are meeting very high standards.

So looking at the pictures on, you might ask yourself: Are we really having this much fun?

You bet. It is the way we live. We seek fun.

We hope that the photos here and everywhere on our website capture this. 

Photo shoots for Dakini are not just work—they are also a blast. We try to mix a ton of laughter and fun into a process that needs to be serious and have significant results that matter to our company. It is hard. We often get distracted by each other and the laughter.

The team of women and men that make this possible are actually my friends. Yes, I am lucky to have talented and beautiful friends. We have been working together on the photography for Dakini for over 20 years.  

Let me introduce you the team—we are all friends and neighbors in a town just outside of Boston.


Our Models

Cari is a 46-year-old South African who transplanted herself to the Boston area after living 23 years in South Africa and 10 years in Southern California. (We often wonder why she left either of those two places!) She worked as a model in her late teens and early 20s. Cari is now the mother of two lovely children aged 15 and 13. Her “other job” is her passion for healing and spiritual growth. She is a trained massage therapist specializing in cranial sacral treatments. Our children landed in the same 5th grade classroom, and we have been close friends ever since.  

Natalie is our little 39-year-old. She was born and raised in Utah and moved to the Boston area with her husband 15 years ago. She and her family (her two adorable children who are also seen on the website) are my neighbors on an incredible property that we often use for photo shoots. She runs her successful landscaping design firm. Natalie is a passionate herbalist and foodie.

Doug is the handsome husband of our dear friend Shah, who allows us to sneak off with him for shoots. In his off hours he is a top-selling real estate agent. He is the fastest runner we know and can scale the largest hill in our town in a single bound.


Our Photographer

Wendy has been shooting Dakini since 1995. Wendy and I went to college together in the Boston area. She worked as a professional photographer in New York in the 90s; now she fills her work days with her passion for landscape design and home design and development. Many of the shots on the website are set outside her two exceptional homes that she designed and built. 



Show us your Dakini! We get a ton of pictures from happy customers and we love seeing folks out enjoying life and feeling great in Dakini. We decided to create a web gallery, and we’re even going to use it as an excuse to give out some free prizes. Send your shots to and we’ll enter you in a drawing.

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