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Katlyn Schultz

Welcome to the Dakini Journal, and the new!

We’ve been making “the clothes you live in” since 1993. A hike, a run, a picnic or barbecue with friends, or just some time at home to recharge for your next adventure - Dakini is ready for anything. Comfortable and confident. Like you.

Our new website is bigger and bolder, and frankly that’s a better fit for who we are and who we serve Hope you love it. We do. It’s easier to discover and shop for our newer designs (stunning Spring skirts, anyone?)  as well as long-time favorites (power stretch tights! Men's 200 Weight Crew Neck!).

And we’ll be adding more information about our designs and fabrics - the best fleece in the world, all-natural and all-awesome merino wool, and more.

But this Journal might turn out to be our favorite part of our new website. Dakini really is about living. It’s not about the clothes as much as it’s about what you do in them. We love to explore. We love to run - even when it’s freezing here in our home state of Massachusetts! So that’s what you’ll find in our Journal: things we discover as we live, as we explore. Things that inspire us to live life to the fullest.

We know it’ll inspire you too. Let’s get going.





LOve your clothes since I first found them at Marshall’s. While looking for a dress for vacation online I realized, hey I know that glass structure behind the model! Didn’t realize you were a MA company!

Christine Parker
Christine Parker

Hi there! Just bought a Dakini dress at Marshalls here in NJ on Wednesday and wore it last night! I love it! The fabric is soft and comfortable and looks awesome! My husband could not stop talking about how beautiful it looked! Went on your website this morning and am looking forward to purchasing more clothing!

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