Dakini Premium Fleece Blanket

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When you want a blanket to keep you warm and comfy, Dakini is the only way. We offer blankets that are 72" long – they're long enough to stay tucked in! All of our blankets are made right here in America.
✔ Premium Heather 
✔ Super size comfy! (72" x 58")
✔ Made from 93% Poly 7% Rayon

Email us coolstuff@dakini.com to reserve your additional blanket needs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kiki H.
Coziest Blanket!!

Dakini makes the highest quality fleece blankets with nice whipstitch detailing!! These are a go to Christmas gift for me to give!!

Love this blanket!

It is very simple, if you are interested enough in this blanket to read my review, then buy it! Soft,
Cozy, nice detailing, fabulous fabric (AND, NO “chemical smell”) Simply wonderful, like YOU! Treat yourself and ENJOY!

Thank you Dakini! I will be buying more of them real soon!

PS for readers... I am not affiliated with Dakini and get no benefit for this post, except to know that I am endorsing a really nice product. (It is possible that I met the owner nearly 30 years ago on cape cod through a then mutual friend but I am not certain. Simply wishing them well on their great products! Best wishes and love to all! Enjoy your new Dakini!!

Soooo confirmed cozy!

Purchased two of these blankets this year - one for me and one for my nephew who is a college freshman.
I will definitely buy more!!
The quality of the material is superb - thick and very soft and cozy. The colors are fantastic too!
Dakini has always made an excellent product so I have faith that whatever I purchase from them will be a 10+!

Elizabeth Montambault
Best blankets on the market

This blanket rocks!! Dakini shipped out 10 blankets to everyone in our family for Christmas.. There was not a sad face in the bunch!! Thank you for a warm toasty holiday!! Love this company.