Dakini Premium Blankets
Dakini Premium Blankets

Dakini Premium Blankets

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The Dakini super blanket. It is 72" long!  If you've touched one, you know what we mean!

This blanket comes in Polartec® Shearling fabric and our Premium Heather.  The shearling has a "lamby" effect on one side and a velour finish on the other.

  • At 72" x 58", these blankets are the right size to keep you warm and comfy

All our blankets are Made in the USA.

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The clothes you live in

Whatever you're up to, Dakini looks and feels great

Our story

Dakini is for lovers...

Perfect comfort, just enough warmth and soft as can be. I love this piece it looks great and it feels great and I can wear it anywhere.

Mary S

This might be my favorite Dakini top ever - and that's saying something! I love the tailoring along the side seams and the drop tail hem; it's really comfortable and looks terrific.

Abby H